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Our focus is on offering variety on services; from helping companies with software development to building their teams


Recruitment and HR

How we work


1. Specify your request

Tell us what you need; whether that being outsourcing of development, company management or finding suitable candidates for your company.

Show and tell

2. We work together

We will then get to work and together with you to select best candidates, next steps for company management, or to make sure the project is according to your specs.


3. Delivery

After taking necessary steps we will deliver you candidates or the project updates.

Tech we worked with

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Types of development outsourcing

I know what you are thinking; isn’t it simple? Outsourcing development is a practice where the development is outsourced to another team developing the product or the feature, that is not part of the company developing said product. While true, the development outsourcing can be different in few aspects. Let’s go through some of them:…

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Frontend development frameworks

Frontend development is a rapidly evolving field that demands speed, flexibility, and robustness. To meet these requirements, developers utilize various frameworks that provide pre-built functionalities and tools, enabling them to build dynamic, scalable, and interactive web applications. In this article, we will explore some of the most popular frontend development frameworks currently used by developers…

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