Recruitment Service

We are here to help you with hiring anyone from developers to project managers to graphic designers. Finding a good developer, project manager, scrum master, ML engineer, is not an easy task. Some roles can be a challenge depending on needed experience or the region you want to hire from. However during the years, we have worked with various roles all around the globe, getting the intricate knowledge on how they work, function, doing hiring for both European and American companies. Our recruitment service is led by one of our cofounders with experience in tech recruitment industry, both in-house and in agency.

Our prices are fixed and formed around the seniority of the hired candidate and are always the same regardless of the offered salary.

There are two models of payment that we offer.

Monthly Paying Model

Fixed fee is payed each month for 12 months from the moment of hiring candidate.

This is a good option in case you do not want to strain the budget especially for smaller companies where costs can quickly add up on each other.

Three Parts Model

This model is formed by having final cost of the candidate split in 3 equal parts. The first part is payed 15 days from hiring of candidate. Second part is payed three months from the day of first payment and the last part three months from second.

In case you have more candidates this model offers certain flexibility in regards to payment which makes it easier to handle the costs.

I want to signup for the MPM but if it works I would like to switch to TPM or vice versa. Is that possible?

Yes. Depending on how you would like to proceed, after the end of your contract, we can sign new contract with new model option. In case you want to switch, say, during the middle of the existing contract payment, you can. If you still have candidates for example in MPM plan, then we would calculate the total sum left to be payed. After paying the sum we would sign new contract for TPM.

I don’t have hiring team and I would like to have help to get new employees or fill the open roles. Is it possible to sign some sort of monthly retainer so that you can help me out when needed?

Yes. In case you don’t have recruitment team, we are available at any time for help without need for signing contract every time and choosing one of the models. This process is popularly known under the name recruitment process outsourcing. By signing monthly retainer contract with fixed cost each month, we are available at any time per you request to start recruitment and hiring process for you company.

Ready to start your project or hiring people?