Development Outsourcing

Developing new product or overhauling existent one can sometimes turn into monumental task that can strain the available resources. We work with small team of developers that will help you with the development at any stage of process. The team is composed of developers of various seniority with all of them having first hand experience with outsourced development for various companies, as well with in-house product development.

I want to hire the team for the development of my product/service/ What should I do next?

Thanks for deciding on us! The next step is to use the contact form on Contact page or the one on this page where you can tell us more about your project so that we can schedule a meeting.

What’s the focus of your team in regards to tech?

The team is mainly composed of web developers with experience in React, Next, MongoDB, PHP, JS, MySQL, .NET and other web related tech. Resumes of developers are available on request.

So how big is the team?

The team consists from 5 – 10 people. The number of free team members may vary depending on currently taken projects. In case the team is preoccupied we will reply with an email, and if possible on ETA before being free for next project.

I would like to know how much will everything cost me

After contacting us, we will schedule the meeting where we discuss the project with you as well the estimated price and time needed for project to be completed. If all is well, we will sign Service License Agreement.

Ready to start your project or hiring people?